Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Avriel Shull -- finally the beginnings of a database

I've been tracking Avriel Shull for many years now. I am finally getting my files organized.  Here is the beginning of a database of Avriel Shull designed buildings.  I still have many to add from my own collection of notes, but thought it would be fun to let you all have a gander at what I'm doing.  I wrote the National Register of Historic Places nomination for Thornhurst Historic District, where there are 21 additional Avriel-designed homes, and I have records on a dozen others still to add.  If you know of an Avriel design that I don't have here, please drop me a note at connie@cresourcesinc with an address and a photo if you have one.  If not, I'll be happy to hop over and snap one.  Also, I know Avriel worked in states other than Indiana, I'd love to get photos of those buildings.  Check back, I'll be updating this page as time allows.  All materials copyright C. Resources unless otherwise cited.